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Creative Healing Connections


Wednesdays, 6PM to 7PM

May 17      

Moving to Heal 


This session focuses on movement as medicine, and is designed for anyone seeking a gentler movement practice to complement and facilitate healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit. This practice focuses on the art of feeling better and can be practiced both standing and seated, and combines gentle low impact movements to music with light strength and stretching movement patterns.


Marci Wenn is a LCSW therapist in private practice that focuses on Expressive Therapies. These practices include Poetry Therapy, Soulcollage®, Creative Arts with a trauma focus, Therapeutic Journal Writing, Yoga, Qigong, and Nia. She is a lifelong learner and actively seeks out meaningful, fun and creative programs that enhance her skills for the people she works with as well for herself. Marci is warm and engaging; she loves to encourage and inspire others to find joy and creativity in their lives for healing and well being.  You can read her profile on

May 24

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation

Yoga Nidra – “Yogic Sleep” - is a meditative process that helps you explore all that you take yourself to be - body, senses, and mind. It’s said to be the highest state of consciousness – a wakeful state of deep introversion – where you rest between wakefulness and sleep. iRest Yoga Nidra is a modern adaptation of the ancient practice which helps you integrate your life experiences restoring feelings of wellbeing and deepen your capacity to love life as it is, meeting even challenging experiences more peacefully.

Mary Bartel, Yoga Therapist and Meditation Facilitator, has been an instructor since 2000. She works with people in groups and one-on-one sharing various mind, body, and energy practices that awaken and uplift spirit with the aim at ‘finding and aligning with what is most essential’. She serves individuals by offering appropriate techniques and cues, adapting to particular needs, to reestablish the sense of balance where it is needed.


May 31     

Rejuvenation Through Self-Massage


Come on an adventure in the art of Self-Massage. Give yourself time to be present with yourself.  Experience the care you can give yourself with your own fingertips to initiate an inward relaxation response, while lying on the floor or sitting comfortably in a chair. Breathe! Listen! Learn a Kata (routine) for stressing less.


Johnna MacDougall is the founder of SomaBeats, which has been in the business of self-care for the past 40 years. An LMT/Health and Wellness Educator/Dancer, she has been passionate about teaching practical, evidenced-based daily "self-care" principles and practices. Her inspiration is embodied in the SomaBeats motto: Feel the Beat! Find Your Rhythm"  an invitation to explore how to stress less.


June 7      

Grief & Growth Notebook: A Tool for Reframing Loss


This workshop features a technique utilizing collage, text, photos, and other images to help participants reframe and incorporate grief and loss (whether related to the death of a loved one or some other life-altering circumstance) into their current experience. The G&G Notebook is a personal and portable work of art; however, no art experience is necessary for this activity. Lauren will guide you through the process. Limited to 8 particpants.


INCLUDED: A brief call with Lauren will help her adapt the workshop to the participants’ choice of focus. We will mail you an unlined notebook, a set of coloring pencils and a glue stick for the workshop. Please register by May 28 to ensure you receive materials prior to the session. 


MATERIALS NEEDED: You will need scissors and photos or copies of photos.


Lauren McGovern is a writer, teacher, and fused glass jewelry artist. She is also a bereaved parent and worked for many years in the mental health field; she maintains National Counselor Certification and facilitated several in-person G&G Notebook workshops in the North Country. This is her first virtual workshop. Visit for more info about Lauren and her work.


To register for this session, call Lauren @ 518.837.7152

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