Staff Bios


Gail Brill - Retreat Art Instructor and Board Trustee

Since I was a small child, I have always found sanctuary and joy in making art. In High School, I spent endless hours in the Art Department and went to College as a Ceramics Major. In College I switched majors to Art History, where a deep appreciation of all art was nourished. As an exception to the Art History Major standard, I was also an artist and spent time on the studios working in all aspects of design and art creation.

After College I worked in film production and casting and continued to work as a freelance artist. At that time, I fell in love with calligraphy and made a commitment to learn as much as I could. I became a member of the Society of Scribes in New York City and took classes from some of the world’s greatest professional calligraphers. I wanted to master my craft.

After years of study and with two small children at home, I decided to strike out and start my own business.

Teaching is one of my passions and I have taught adults how to improve their handwriting and children and teens how to write in “fancy handwriting”, a way to get them to learn cursive writing. I am also an avid crafter and maker, creating hand painted silk panels, maps, jewelry, knitting, watercolors and illustrations. Working with Women at the retreats for Creative Healing Connections has been a highlight of my years as an artist and I thoroughly enjoy helping people express themselves through simple crafts. You can see some of my work at my website, or and on my Gail Brill Design Facebook page.

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Helen Demong, Active Staff Leader and on Advisory Board

Helen Demong is a Staff Leader and will lead the Songwriting Workshop for the CHC Women’s Veteran’s Weekend.  As a breast cancer survivor, she had the good fortune to experience the Adirondack Arts and Healing Retreat.  Helen grew up in an Army family and learned first-hand some of the challenges men and women who serve in the military experience. Graduating from the Crane School of Music in 1976, she has brought music to the lives of countless students and families in Saranac Lake as Music Educator and Choir Director.  Her professional philosophy has been to be a teacher and her vehicle has been music. 

Helen has experience working with a cross-section of people from all walks of life.  For the last twelve years, she has been working with Creative Healing Connections specifically facilitating Adirondack Arts Retreats for women who have served in the military and women surviving chronic illnesses.  She has found music and the arts can be powerful sources of inner joy, peace, and healing.

Wanda Burch, Active Staff Leader and VP on the Board of Directors

leads the Dream Workshop. She is a 22 year breast cancer survivor who discovered a healing ally in her own vivid dreams. Wanda believes that in dreaming we receive powerful metaphors and imagery which can be used  to enforce healing, provide visual imagery, and empower the mind, spirit, and body.  

She is a presenter/member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, trained in dream facilitation. She is a long term breast cancer survivor and advocate, a graduate of the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s LEAD, a science-based institute and listed on the national Speaker’s Bureau for the National Breast Cancer Coalition. She is an advocate research grant proposal peer reviewer for the Breast Cancer Research Program sponsored by the Department of Defense; and is a staff member for Creative Healing Connections’ Adirondack arts retreats for women surviving chronic illness and for women who have served in the military.  Wanda Burch and singer/songwriter John Kenosian offer programs on Healing the Spirit Through Dreams and Music and The

Home Voices, Words and Music [original songs based on letters and memoirs of Civil War soldiers].


You can learn more about Wanda through her website

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Kelly Hass, Licensed Massage Therapist


Kelly Hass of Adirondack Therapeutics, LLC, is a New York State licensed Massage Therapist located in the quaint town of Bloomingdale, NY.

Her greatest passion is to help support those around her to heal in ways that go beyond the physical. Her 2000+ hours of training and 23 years of clinical experience, provide her clientele with the very best of what massage therapies have to offer. She has provided instruction in Eastern Massage as an adjunct instructor at North Country Community College for the past 20 years.

Recently, Kelly’s past and present careers have come full-circle in a dynamical way. Kelly is not only a Massage Therapist, but also a US Army Veteran. She has recently certified her business as an SDVOB- Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, where she provides therapy for a number of military veterans, and clients at all stages of life. Until recently there were few opportunities to be trained in the unique needs of our Veterans, and thankful a dedicated team of providers have established a training program for Military Veteran Massage Therapists.

Clear Path for Veterans has partnered with Crouse Hospital in Syracuse to introduce the nation’s first Specialty Certificate in Military Veteran Massage. In partnership with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB), Clear Path and Crouse Hospital will begin offering The Warrior Hands Program in April 2019. The Warrior Hands program is designed to meet the unique considerations of our Military Veterans, suffering with physical and emotional scars. Our Armed Forces endure more physical and emotional stress than most of us could imagine. Their warrior spirits take on the burdens and trauma of the world. I am honored to be part of this pilot program, to better serve those around us.

Kelly Lindsay - Grandmother, Artist, Teacher

Kelly has over thirty years of study in various spiritual modalities.

She holds degrees and training in Mental Health, Hatha Yoga, Raki, Astrology, Shamanism and Ritual . She’s facilitated workshops using the ancient wisdom from various cultures around the world to help people heal through Shamanic techniques, including drumming circles and prayer arrow with specific focus on healing the trauma in our lives.

She’s taught  Meditation and Hatha Yoga around the Adirondack region and at Omega Ins. near Rhinebeck N.Y., North Country Community College and the Raybrook State prison. She’s lived and trained in the indigenous village of Progresso Belize, and worked with Shamans in Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Canada.

Kelly continues a life-long study with her spiritual guru, Ram-Lev of The American

Meditation Ins. She urges us to recognize our oneness and asks us to volunteer our time to serve humanity  when- ever we can.