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A Letter from our Board President - April 1st, 2020

Dear friends of Creative Healing Connections,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the staff of CHC, we want you to know that you and your families are in thoughts and prayers during this time. Who would ever imagine that we would be in the middle of a global pandemic? Many of you are wondering how you will get through this. We don’t know for sure what is going to happen, but what we do know is that we need to support one another.

CHC Board of Trustees and Retreat Team Leaders have been communicating quite frequently. We are deeply saddened to have to report that both retreats for 2020 will be canceled. Our team leaders, Helen and Wanda, will be reaching out to past attendees and those who have already registered for one of the 2020 retreats.

We know that at this time, there are things we can do to support hope and healing even through social distancing. This summer we will provide a host of creative arts and healing classes. They will be delivered via various platforms to meet the individual needs of those who we love and serve. This will be at no cost to our attendees. To be able to do this, we will need to continue our fundraising efforts so we can cover the cost of the supplies and our dedicated staff.

In closing, we want to thank you for your continued support. Take care of yourselves and your families. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, should you need anything.

“​Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear hardship today.”​ ― Thich Nhat Hanh

Lisa Keegan
Creative Healing Connections


Our Veterans Retreats have become very popular. The Veterans come from all corners of the state and beyond. As a consequence we have continued this first of its kind retreat in the nation, and will host the 10th Anniversary Women Veteran’s Retreat in August  2018.


“I am so happy to be part of the 9th Adirondack Women’s retreats. I have grown over the last couple years with the help of Creative Healing Connections. The best thing that has happened to me in years is the meeting of other vet women, and the staff has become part of my life. The staff just doesn’t facilitate the retreat and then just drop you. They continue on with you the rest of the year and invite you to other venues that they think will be beneficial to your health and well being.” 

–Anonymous Veteran

Arts & Healing Retreat for

Women Veterans & Service members













Veterans meet at Wiawaka Center for Women (August 2018)


August 10-12, 2020
 Wiawaka Center in Lake George, NY

The Arts & Healing Retreat for Women Veterans is open to any woman who has

served our country in any branch of the military at any time.


In 2008 the organizers for the CHC Arts & Healing Retreat developed a Retreat for Women Veterans.


On August 13-15, 2018, we held our 10th Annual Retreat at Wiawaka Lodge in Lake George. We welcomed some women who have attended every year since its inception, some who return for the second, third, or fourth times and some who are new and, on the first afternoon as they arrive, very tentative. By the last circle meeting, as in years past, there will be a palpable sense of community strength and feeling of mutual support among and between every participant.

The Arts and Reintegration Adirondack Women’s Retreat is open to any woman who has served our country in any branch of the military at any time. This Adirondack retreat will focus on the unique issues arising out of military service, including invisible wounds. This is an opportunity to learn from others who have served our country on how to be both a citizen and warrior and gain the skills that will enhance quality of life.


We expanded several years ago to serve the particular needs of women who are veterans of Vietnam, Afghanistan and other tours of duty, most of whom are coping with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Some are homeless; some are challenged in being able to hold down a job, many suffer from MST (military sexual trauma) and TBI (traumatic brain injury).  All these women need a place where they can connect, develop and continue friendships, gain new skills, express their feelings and heal.


Below is Mountain Lake PBS’s video on “Finding your Voice” from a few Women Veterans that came to Wiawaka for the Arts and Reintegration retreat.














Arts & Healing Retreat for Women Recovering from Cancer or with Chronic Illnesses


September 18 -20, 2020

Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake, NY

Join CHC’s talented Staff who will lead women living with chronic illness and cancer in holistic, creative and outdoor experiences in the Adirondacks (Great Camp Sagamore).

Come to a safe and beautiful place. Meet other women who have walked a similar path. Share your challenges and joys. Cry and laugh. Take the time for yourself to reflect on what is most meaningful to you and how to create more of what nourishes you. Let your creative side unfold, even if you have never thought of yourself as an artist. Join our circle of women. Come to Great Camp Sagamore and experience the healing.

We are not in the business of curing people. We are in the business of providing opportunities for them to heal.

Creative Healing Connections retreat at Great Camp Sagamore in upstate New York provides a safe space where women are recovering from cancer or other chronic illnesses can come together. Retreat participants share stories and emotions. Through sharing, they find a support network.


We provide a safe space where they can come together with others facing similar challenges and talk, share stories and emotions, and find a support network. We teach them a wide variety of skills to enhance their quality of life. We engage them in all manner of arts activities of their choosing, to help them give voice, individually and collectively. And we use the extraordinary healing power of nature in the Adirondacks, be it a walk through the woods, sitting by a burbling brook, or floating in a canoe on a starlit night.




















Our program was founded in 1999 to support women recovering from cancer or with chronic illness in the North Country of New York State, a region encompassing the Mohawk River north to the Canadian border, a vast area with low population figures, high unemployment and low per capita income, great distances between communities and, for many that we serve, among the highest per capita rates of breast cancer in the state.

Here is a quote from one of the women, Kathy, who attended the Arts & Healing Retreat in September 2017.  Kathy wrote: “What inspiring women and a beautiful place to gather, meet with others that had their soul and life almost extinguished by illness, service and pain, but found that gentle breeze that burst the smoldering soul into a fireball, thank you, it helped me oh so much!"


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