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Arts and Healing Retreat for Women Living with Cancer or Chronic Illness

Scholarships are available!

Join CHC’s talented Staff who will lead women living with chronic illness and cancer in holistic, creative and outdoor experiences in the Adirondacks (Great Camp Sagamore)

September 2017 (18th annual!) at Great Camp Sagamore
Creative Healing Connections Retreat Great Camp Sagamore from Ron Ryan on Vimeo.

September 8 – 10, 2017

(leaders Helen Demong and Wanda Burch) at Great Camp Sagamore!


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You can download these forms and mail in with your deposit to: CHC, PO Box 69, Bakers Mills, NY 12811

past participants speaking about the program

Connect to others who understand…

Come to a safe and beautiful place. Meet other women who have walked a similar path. Share your challenges and joys. Cry and laugh. Take the time for yourself to reflect on what is most meaningful to you and how to create more of what nourishes you. Let your creative side unfold, even if you have never thought of yourself as an artist. Join our circle of women. Come to Great Camp Sagamore and experience the healing.

We are not in the business of curing people. We are in the business of providing opportunities for them to heal.

Creative Healing Connections retreat at Great Camp Sagamore in upstate New York provides a safe space where women who have experienced cancer or other chronic illnesses can come together. Retreat participants share stories and emotions. Through sharing, they find a support network.

Creative Healing Connections also offers retreats to other important groups, including female veterans and military spouses.

We provide a safe space where they can come together IMG_1881with others facing similar challenges and talk, share stories and emotions, and find a support network. We teach them a wide variety of skills to enhance their quality of life. We engage them in all manner of arts activities of their choosing, to help them give voice, individually and collectively. And we use the extraordinary healing power of nature in the Adirondacks, be it a walk through the woods, sitting by a burbling brook, or floating in a canoe on a starlit night.

Our program was founded in 1999 to support women living with cancer and chronic illness in the North Country of New York State, a region encompassing the Mohawk River north to the Canadian border, a vast area with low population figures, high unemployment and low per capita income, great distances between communities and, for many that we serve, among the highest per capita rates of breast cancer in the state.

 “I gained a deeper awareness of myself—a clearer view of me, whole and damaged, a keener sense of my own strengths, to get thru days – The gentle guides through art, song, storytelling.  Every phase of the retreat has given me a clearer vision, by sharing with other women and listening, truly listening.  I leave calmer, more centered and ready to go join my life again.”  –Sam Corbo

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