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Female Veterans and Servicemembers

Veterans meet at Wiawaka Center for Women (August 2017)

 This summers dates are: August 7-9, 2017

All these Adirondack retreats are held at Wiawaka Center for Women in Lake George, NY.

“I thought some of you might want to hear Women’s Veteran’s MST advocate, BriGette’s [BriGette McCoy] song on soundcloud (click here to hear her recording). She attributes her work with a simple dream we worked on at Wiawaka as the lead-in to changing the direction of her advocacy work for MST (the full story will be in a book she is writing) and she used the impetus of this song, first born at Wiawaka, to guide her back to her waking dream of being a professional singer. BriGette and I have steadily communicated about the dream and the song; and she brought it to Washington D.C. with her and performed it for the arts conference Naj and I attended at Walter Reed several years ago. This production is a world away from the simple chant that began the journey.”


Read about our 2014 Arts and Reintegration for Female Veterans – article written by Naj Wikoff from the Lake Placid News, click here….





Past participants speak about the retreats.

Women Veterans and Servicemembers

The Arts and Reintegration Adirondack Women’s Retreat is open to any woman who has served our country in any branch of the military at any time. This Adirondack retreat will focus on the unique issues arising out of military service, including invisible wounds. This is an opportunity to learn from others who have served our country on how to be both a citizen and warrior and gain the skills that will enhance quality of life.

We expanded several years ago to serve the particular needs of women who are veterans of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other tours of duty, most of whom are coping with post traumatic stress disorder­.  Some are homeless; some are challenged in being able to hold down a job, many suffer from MST (military sexual trauma) and TBI (traumatic brain injury).  All these women need a place where they can connect, develop and continue friendships, gain new skills, express their feelings and heal.

One woman veteran with a chronic illness who was returning for her third year said,

“I am so happy to be part of the 3rd Adirondack Women’s retreats. I have grown over the 3 years with the help of Creative Healing Connections. The best thing that has happened to me in years is the meeting of other vet women, and the staff has become part of my life. The staff just doesn’t facilitate the retreat and then just drop you. They continue on with you the rest of the year and invite you to other venues that they think will be beneficial to your health and well being.”  –Anonymous Veteran

Our veterans retreats have become so popular that last year they filled up by April first. They come from all corners of the state and beyond. As a consequence we have decided to add a second retreat next year, along with a new one for women spouses and partners of those who serve, the first of its kind in the nation.


“In war there are no unwounded,” Jose Narosky


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