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Kelly Lindsay

Kelly LindsayGrandmother, Artist, Teacher, Kelly has over thirty years of study in various spiritual modalities.

She holds degrees and training in Mental Health, Hatha Yoga, Raki, Astrology, Shamanism and Ritual . She’s facilitated workshops using the ancient wisdom from various cultures around the world to help people heal through Shamanic techniques, including drumming circles and prayer arrow with specific focus on healing the trauma in our lives.

She’s taught  Meditation and Hatha Yoga around the Adirondack region and at Omega Ins. near Rhinebeck N.Y., North Country Community College and the Raybrook State prison. She’s lived and trained in the indigenous village of Progresso Belize, and worked with Shamans in Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Canada.

Kelly continues a life long study with her spiritual guru, Ram-Lev of The American Meditation Ins. She urges us to recognize our oneness and asks us to volunteer our time to serve humanity  when- ever we can.


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