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About Us

The mission of Creative Healing Connections, Inc.
is to provide creative experiences to promote healing and growth.  Our goal is to provide these experiences directly through our own programs and indirectly through training and inspiring others to do the same.  We turn no one away due to financial need.  There are scholarships available thanks to many generous donors.
Creative— by offering creative experiences in the visual arts and crafts; creative writing, storytelling, song writing; music, theatre, dance, movement; yoga and dream workshops to allow participants the space in which to open up and tell their stories. Our creative arts workshops and sessions aim to include people who may call themselves artists as well as those who don’t and who are willing to try an art activity, perhaps for the first time.
Healing—by believing that each person has an intrinsic ability to heal on different levels, whether the body is able to heal or not. Although some of our faculty have training in arts therapy and counseling, our focus is rather, on creating a “safe space” within which healing happens. It is a space without judgment, without the need to fix anything, without telling anyone what to think or how to feel. We hold our retreats in the quiet, natural sanctuary of the Adirondacks where the mountains, lakes, streams and forests in combination have served as respite for healing and rejuvenation for centuries.   
Connections—one of the most important aspects of our retreats is bringing people together with similar circumstances to talk to one another, share their stories, reveal parts of themselves that are usually kept deep inside and expand their life journey. Our retreats are filled with laughter, mystery, wonder and the vibrancy of life. Some people return for many years and become mentors for newer participants.  Their presence creates a certain depth, richness and hope for those who are attending for the first time. We have become a special family — accessible and available to help support new members who are ready to join us.